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Navran advanced

nanoproducts development

Navran Advanced NanoProduct Development International Pvt Ltd. (NAND ipl) is into development and commercialization of nano-products based on Nanotechnology. NAND ipl has setup a new plant in Village Dhamandri, Distt. Una, Himachal Pradesh, for the manufacture and commercialization of nanotechnology based products in India.

NAND ipl has successfully manufactured and commercialized chemical color toners, Diesel Fuel Additives and other specialty chemicals. The product is now being exported to more than 18 countries worldwide.

All things small are termed Nano these days. However, nanotechnology is defined as the formation of and/or engineering with particles 100nm or lower in size. Smaller size leads to significant increase in the surface area per unit mass of the product. This leads to achieving the desired performance with much lower quantities of material (e.g. NAND’s, where only 10 parts per million is required to achieve the effect and as a result can be added directly to the fuel) and/or an improvement in the desired performance (e.g. pigment color is enhanced the lower the particle size). Furthermore, NAND has also developed technology and know-how in the area of making structured particles using base nano-materials (e.g. Chemical color toner for printer ,CPT). Although nanotechnology is utilized in many diverse fields, NAND is currently focused on utilizing nanotechnology in the specialty chemicals area.

As shown in the chart above, about 80% to 90% of nano technology companies are small research oriented organization. In last five years, as more large companies and venture capital firms are getting involved, research funding is no longer the biggest problem. However, the experience and knowledge to scale-up nanotechnologies and experience in bringing products from lab to market place has become the number one challenge which NAND ipl has successfully overcome.

The objective of NAND is to move nanomaterials into products and the commercial arena. We plan to achieve this goal by following two paths: 1) through internal programs of developing enabling technology platforms that can be applied to multiple nanotechnology products; and 2) through collaboration with research organizations to find materials, processes, and applications

NAND has the technology and
know-how in the following areas:-
  • Formation of nano-sized specialty chemical materials
  • Utilizing nano-materials to make structured particle products
  • Scale-up, manufacturing and commercialization of these processes and products.
To ensure commercial success of our products, all nanotechnology products we select have to meet the following strict criteria
  • Has a proven and growing international market
  • High barrier of entry for competitors
  • Leverage NAND’s key assets
  • Can be scaled up from lab to pilot plant within 1 year and to commercial production within 2 years at NAND’s facilities

NAND ipl is also active in discussions with nanotechnology development companies in forming long-term partnership to apply our expertise in
scale-up and manufacturing to bring various nano-products to market at low cost.