Our Technology

NAND has two key proprietary processing technology platforms that can be widely used to
make many products from lab to commercial scale.
Technology platform to make structured particles:

The technology enables the formation of particles of different sizes from nanoparticles. The technology also allows the placement of each sub-component in the desired location of the particle. For example, it may be used to make control-release pharmaceutical products of several microns that are very difficult to make with any other known technologies (with API placed in the center, middle or surface as desired). It can also be used to make catalysts with more controlled and desirable locations of active elements. This technology is currently used by NAND to make chemical color toners (CPT) and other speciality chemicals. NAND has also developed know-how to scale up the process from 5 liter lab reactor to 10,000 liter unit for commercial production.

Technology platform to produce nanoparticles:

Because of strong inter-particle forces at nano size range, nanoparticles are more likely to form agglomerates, which make it very difficult to produce to nanoparticles. NAND has developed and mastered the following process technologies to produce nanoparticles: -

Specialized Milling (size reduction) Process by Optimizing Equipment selection, Process Parameters and Compositions:

Utilizing this technology, we are able to make particles under 100 nm. The technology is successfully used to produce pigment and CCA (charge control agent) particles under 100 nm for CPT production. The technology can be used to produce other nanoparticles of other products e.g. magnetic coatings, cosmetics, minerals, electronic ceramics, ceramics etc..

Specialized Phase Inversion Process with Optional Further Processing by High Pressure Homogenization:

We use this technology to make wax emulsions/dispersions of tailored sub-micron size range with narrow particle size distributions. This is also one of the sub components in our CPT process. The technology could be applied to make tailored nano and sub-micron sizes of other materials.

Direct Formation of Nanoparticles:

We have the technology to form nanoparticles directly through chemical processes. This is utilized to manufacture latex for CPT by a process known as emulsion polymerization. Although, emulsion polymerization is a well known process, NAND is one of a very select few who can claim to make less than 100 nm size particles of specialty polymers.

Nanoparticle Engineering:

We have the know-how to physically attach different types of nanoparticles to other nano and micron particles. This is utilized to impart particular properties to the base particles, e.g. charge, flow, surface coverage etc. This is also utilized in CPT production. One of the founders is a leading world expert in particle and powder engineering.

Nanoparticle Purification:

We also are a pioneer in developing nanofiltration and ultrafiltration technologies that are utilized in isolation and purification of nano and micro particles.