Products - Chemical Color Toners

  • Chemical Color Toners for Printer, Xerox and Laser Printer.
  • Speciality Chemicals – Polymers, Latex, Pigment dispersions.

Bestone-Chemical Color Toner

Bestone chemical toner is produced by the Nanotechnology based aggregation process that incorporates thousands of nano-sized base material particles into each toner particle.

Bestone toners are sold in bottles and perfill weight ranging from 50 to 1000gms. We are so confident of the quality and performance of Bestone toner that we are offering performance guarantee to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Chemical Color Toner(Chemically produced color toners )

chemically produced color toners is used for latest colour laser printers and photocopiers. Chemically produced color toners , also known as Chemically Produced Toner (Chemically produced color toners ) and Emulsion Aggregation Toner (EA), is the latest technology for producing prints of best quality.

Currently we manufacture chemical color toners for HP, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Xerox, etc. We have more than 100 compatible chemical color toners which can be used in above chemical color printers. To know the entire product list please click on link below.

Conventional Toner vs Chemical Toners

The manufacturing of traditional mechanical toners involves melting, extrusion, grinding and classification. It is energy and capital intensive process. Below, pictures of chemically produced color toners particles and conventional toner particles are shown. Compared to chemically produced color toners for printers, the conventional toners produce poor prints for the following reasons: -

  • Particle size is too large
  • Particle shape is irregular and difficult to control
  • Poor incorporation of key ingredients, e.g. wax, CCA etc.
  • Particle size distribution is wide
  • Improper charge
Conventional toner Chemical Color Toner

Chemically produced color toners Toners overcome these problems. Instead of grinding large millimeter sized particles into small sizes for conventional toner, the Chemically produced color toners particles are prepared by attaching (aggregating) lots of nano particles (50 – 500 nanometer) together. There are several names for the Chemically produced color toners technology – Emulsion Aggregation Toner (EA), Chemical Color Toner (Chemically produced color toners ).